The Guide


My name is Curt Wilkerson I am originally from Minnesota but now consider myself an Oklahoman. I am married to my favorite fishing buddy, as long as she doesn't catch all the big ones. Which is exactly what she does! I also have a wonderful daughter who is off pursuing her career. We put together a few friends and family photos in the gallery below. 

So I grew up in a small Minnesota farm town, where fishing and hunting was pretty much the norm. And of course living in Minnesota we fished everywhere! I then joined the US Army in 1982 and retired after 20 years. During my 20 years in the Army I held a variety of jobs including Cavalry Scout, Lance Nuclear Missile, Drill Sergeant, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems, S-2 Battle Staff NCO. I started Curt's Guide Service in 1992 while still serving in the Army. I would use all my leave for guiding trips. It was a good way to spend my vacations. I have been providing legal, safe, ethical hunting/fishing trips for over a quarter century. I have hunted and fished all over the US, Canada, Holland, Germany and Europe. I guide hunts in four counties in Southwest Oklahoma and hunt on over 75 landowners. I fish all the Walleye/Saugeye lakes in Southern Oklahoma and spend countless hours on the water chasing the eyes. Thanks and enjoy our website!

Curt Wilkerson


US ARMY Retired