Guided Dove Hunts

Dove Hunt Information


 For over 25 years we have offered fully guided dove hunts during the September and October season, some winters we also do the December hunts. The December hunts are highly weather dependent. Our dove hunts are a few hours from the metro in Southwest Oklahoma. Dove hunting areas consist of milo, corn, native sunflower, millet and winter wheat fields. Since 1992 we have catered to thousands of dove hunters from all over the USA. Our area gets a great migration in the fall, unlike other areas that only hold dove for a few days at the start of the season. Dove hunters should know that the hunts continue up into October with larger birds and larger flock sizes. Don't get caught up in the thinking that you must hunt on opening day. That's just not the norm for Southwest Oklahoma. All hunts are fully guided for safety. Everyone is safety briefed about hunt, field safety areas, and route to area and convoy conditions. Guides inspect all shotguns for safe/clear. Guides place Dove hunters on the fields and safe/clear all hunters when we bring them out.  My Dove guides are my family and my very close friends. They have years of experience in our operation and will not tolerate a violation of the safety brief or any other unsafe , unlawful or unethical act. They will eject you from the hunting area for the safety of all hunters. 

Dove hunts are offered in September and October. You can book one or more people. Hunts are scheduled for morning or evening.  Wear camo clothing (no Orange) it helps for concealment. You should bring your own bucket or stool for the hunt, flash light for morning hunts, bug repellent, plugged shotgun, earplugs and ammo. Hunts are $100.00 per person paid in advance. Sorry no payments the day of the hunt we get too many bad credit cards and checks. Kids 15 and under 1/2 price. License requirements are a OK hunting license and a HIP permit.